Galvanic Facial Treatment

Facial galvánico
  1. Makes the skin glow
    Deep cleansing and oxygenates the skin aids, to get rid of the dullness in the skin.
  2.  Improves fine lines
    Using COLLAGEN gels we can push the product deep into the skin and help plump out fine lines. Also a great technique to avoid premature aging.
  3. Improves elasticity of the skin
    External factors and stress can cause aging of the skin. The galvanic treatment aids to firm the skin.
  4. Detox for the skin
    This electrical facial enables lymphatic drainage and cleansing from deep within the skin to eliminate any toxins accumulated.
  5. Enhances blood circulation
    The galvanic facial stimulates the production of skin cells and collagen. This enables cells to reproduce faster. The blood circulation increases which gives the skin a fresh glowing look.