Eyelashes and eyebrows

Eyelashes and eyebrows

Eyelash tint

Eyelash tinting is the perfect way for your lashes to look fuller and longer without committing to eyelash extensions or always having to wear mascara.


Lash Lifting

Lash lifting is the new revolutionary way to make natural lashes look Longer, more Volumes and Lifted without using lash extensions. The treatment takes around 45 minutes and is not painful or uncomfortable.


Eyebrow shaping and tinting

Eyebrows shape the face; they can change your look in 10 minutes. Therefore, it is important to ask a specialist to shape and tint your eyebrows. Their trained eyes will know exactly which shape your face would suit and which colour is the correct one for you.


Eyelash extensions

Make your eyes look bigger using individual or volume eyelash extensions. Individual or multiple lashes are applied to one individual lash which helps to create fuller and longer lashes.