Deep facial cleansing

Deep facial cleansing, craniofacial massage and exfoliation will maintain an optimum level of hydration and comfort.

During this treatment we us the microdermabrasion or diamond facial which is a non-invasive treatment and currently one of the most popular beauty treatments. The micro peeling exfoliates the skin at different intensities, removing dead cells and polishing gradually, every layers. This complete exfoliation causes cell regeneration and increases the production of collagen, which helps to keep the skin soft and radiant for longer.

We also use the Ultrasound cleanser which opens the pores and allows the beautician to cleanse the blocked pores and helps with extraction. A personalised mask is applied to ensure that active ingredients can penetrate into the skin and remove impurities, tighten, tone, hydrate or brighten the skin depending on its needs.

Price: € 60