Biologique- Recherche

Biologique- Recherche

There is a vast variety of facial and body treatments where the specialist can create different cocktails by mixing creams and serums, personalizing them to each skin and each patient.


Biologique Recherche was created in 1968 by a family of French experts, pioneers in the beauty industry. Yvan (biologist), Josette (Physiotherapist) and Pilippe Allouche (Doctor). When the brand was created, the company worked like a research centre who’s only objective was the formulation of products.

The Brand

Today, the methodology of Biologique Recherch is based on the combination of medical aesthetic treatments, using pure ingredients, concentrates that are in its natural state and the exploration innovative protocols and procedures which have a reputation of efficiency in over 35 countries.

Artisanal Production

These products are based on four basic principles.

  • High concentration (over 20%) of vegetable extracts, biomarine and biological extracts
  • Free of perfumes
  • Conservation of the original structures of the active ingredients thanks to cold processing.
  • In combination with unique manual application techniques or with Facial Remodeling technology and / or Micro Puncture Lab, we can obtain immediate and lasting results almost magical.