Naturally beautiful with laser technology

Non-surgical aesthetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular. Laser technology plays an important role in this context. While surgery was often a necessity a few years ago innovative laser systems have made it possible to achieve very good results without surgery In our clinic, we use laser technology for hair removal as well as for the treatment of venous diseases and pigmentary disorders.

Laser Atenea

Permanent hair removal from body and facial areas

In our clinic we achieve permanent hair removal using a diode laser. This apparatus is a safe and effective new technology for the removal of unwanted body and facial hair. It can be used easily on any part of the body such as arms, legs, abdomen, chest, back, face, armpits, even in the genital area. The energy generated through the laser light beam is absorbed by the hair follicles and converted into heat. The aim is to destroy the root of the hair without having any effect on the surrounding area. Hair removal is repeated in several sessions spaced over time, depending on the person.


Five reasons why you should choose Diodo Laser Atenea:

  1. Less painful: thanks to its ultra-cooled head, which provides greater security and comfort achieving a much more pleasant and less painful session.
  2. Safer: Diodo Laser Atenea has a calibrated control to emit the required energy in accordance with the selected parameters of the patient.
  3. More effective: Atenea’s diode laser is equipped with optimum output that evenly distributes the applied energy throughout the surface of the treatment head, eliminating any type of hair and needing a lower number of sessions to do so in comparison with other systems.
  4. Faster operating speed: we can remove hair in larger areas in less time.
  5. Depilation even in summer: Operating in FSS (bursts), means that it can be used at any time of the year.

Treatment of spider and varicose veins

A few years ago, spider and varicose veins were only removed surgically, often involving risks and complications, days of hospitalisation and recovery time. Today, most spider veins (telangectasias) and aesthetic varicose veins can be treated using laser technology effectively and without surgery. The patient can resume their daily routine immediately after the treatment.

At Clínica Estetica Contur we use the innovative Nd YAG – Quantum Laser, with integrated epidermal cooling. This technology is the most effective for the permanent elimination of spider veins (telangectasias), haemangiomas and port wine stains.

Varicose legs

Treatments of age spots, rosacea and facial rejuvenation

Age-related pigmentation marks and rosacea are aesthetically embarrassing for many  people. These skin blemishes can be eliminated quickly, painlessly and permanently.

In Clínica Estética Contur we use the IPL Quantum, ideal for treating large areas of skin. It is designed specifically to achieve the highest level of safety and efficiency and its application is painless, thanks to an innovative system of integrated thermal cooling which minimises the sensation of heat during the treatment.