Beauty and wellness treatments

Deep facial cleansing and skin analysis

Deep facial cleansing and skin analysis

Deep facial cleansing, craniofacial massage and exfoliation will maintain an optimum level of hydration and comfort.

EYGLÓ Treatment using BIOEFFECT

BIOEFFECT is a revolutionary skin care brand from Iceland. This award-winning product is the world’s first to contain plant-made cellular activators (EGF) which boost the skin’s own renewal process.

BIOEFFECT facial + deep facial cleansing

Deep facial cleansing followed by the BIOEFFECT treatment will make the skin luminous, smooth and rejuvenated.

BIOEFFECT facial + radiofrequency

A treatment that significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and tones the skin. It also increases skin’s density and luminosity.

BIOEFFECT facial + radiofrequency + deep facial cleansing

An exclusive treatment for luxurious looking skin. The natural collagen and elastin is increased which gives the skin a firm and rejuvenated appearance.

EYGLÓ Treatment using BIOEFFECT


RELAX massage

A de-stressing massage using slow and gentle movements which promotes a feeling of comfort and wellbeing.


This massage helps the reduction of fat in tissues. Using profound movements, the circulation is activated


The massage is adapted to the individuals’ needs and preferences.

Vitamin Drips – for a better life

Vitamin Drips (also known as infusion treatment) is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals, and other essential natural substances directly into a patient’s bloodstream.

Every person that chooses one of our protocols will feel full of energy and life, as the organism will receive elements that are necessary to repair aged, mistreated cells and those that do not work well, victims of toxic oxygen free radicals which are created in our organism due to the consumption of alcohol, fast food, artificial colouring, sweeteners and flavouring, stressful and fast pace lifestyle, among others.

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The Vitamin Drip is introduced intravenous as this is the best way for the body to absorb these pharmacological elements, as there are many barriers when taken by mouth (orally) and therefore they may not be ingested 100%. In some cases, these can be inactivated or even get broken down by digestive enzymes, such as the amylase found in the saliva and all the gastric and pancreatic enzymes, therefore the intravenous path is quick, accessible and reliable.

In Clínica Estetica Contur our specialized protocol is aimed at 3 groups of people:

  • Young adults between the age of 18 and 45, workers and athletes, those who work continuously throughout the summer and need extra energy to tolerate the hard work and heat, as well as the excessive nights of partying; for these we have designed the ‘Protocol Energy’, with which we guaranty a ‘power on’ feeling in your system so that you can carry on with your summer revitalized.
  • Our most popular group, the seniors (from approximately 45 years old), adults who in their working and social life need some more energy, for these we have designed the ‘Protocol Tiredness and Anti-aging’ which offers them an energy boost in their daily lives so that their system is optimal. It will also help to increase libido in both men and women.
  •  For those who want to detoxify their body we have designed the ‘Protocol Detox’ especially for those who have never detoxified their bodies from the excess caused by their daily lives. As well as those who have undertaken prolonged treatments against Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes and other chronic illnesses. For this we would like to offer elements that combat free radicals which eliminated all the left-over medicine that has been accumulated over the years.


If you would like a complete protocol you should have a consultation with Dr. López first. After a complete medical evaluation which includes: anamnesis, a physical exam and some complementary assessments, then he will recommend one of our protocols if necessary. Once the protocol is chosen you will be accompanied by our nurse to our exclusive room where you can enjoy relaxing music, aromatherapy and beautiful views.

‘Enjoy one hour of pure relaxation where you feel that your body is being recharged’

Vitamin Drip



Permanent Makeup

Lip liner
Lip colour


Eyelash tint
Eyelash extensions
Permanent eyelash curl
Eyebrow shaping


Evening makeup
Evening makeup + eyelash extensions
Bridal makeup
Personalised makeup course
Makeup course for two