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Clinica Estetica Marbella

Clínica Estética Contur is owned by Dr. Karl Wehmeyer. He has been working in Marbella as a dentist in the Clinica Dental Dr. Wehmeyer since 1999. Much of his work is devoted to the field of aesthetic dentistry. In this context, Dr. Wehmeyer’s vision is to make the patient’s smile appear fresh, healthy and vital through the harmonious balance of healthy teeth combined with a perfect shape and colour.

However many of his patients want more because a beautiful smile also needs a beautiful frame. Dr. Wehmeyer, however, confines himself to his profession as a dentist and will therefore be exclusively working in the dental sector. His patients desire to improve their looks is what gave him the idea of opening the beauty clinic.

In the Clínica Estética Contur a highly professional team of experienced specialists will look after you and answer all your questions in the field of aesthetic medicine.

The beauty clinic is located next to Clínica Dental Dr. Wehmeyer. In this way the patient can receive a holistic and aesthetic treatment without leaving the Centro Comercial Contur in Elviria (Marbella).

Your contact at the Clínica Estética Contur is Kim Wehmeyer. The daughter of the founder, she will gladly help you with any questions and requests.

Kim Wehmeyer


Kim Wehmeyer

Management and beauty consultant.

Lorena Arajo


Lorena Ajo

Dermatology and Aesthetic nurse.

In addition, the Clinica Estetica Contur colaborates with:

Dr. Benzaquen


Dr. Abraham Benzaquén Barchilón from the
Clínica Benzaquén.

Kelly Delaney


Kelly Delaney

Professional nail technician.
Organic acrylic nails.
Organic gel manicure / pedicure.


Beata Horvath

Ayurvedic practitioner and lifestyle counsellor. Massage therapist, energy healer, soft osteopath and Reiki Master.



The philosophy of Clínica Estética Contur is that of a beauty clinic in which the patient feels safe and well looked after. The aim of the clinic is to work in harmony with the patient, to help them create a personal, natural beauty that emphasises their personality while at the same time preserving their character and identity.

In recent years the trends in aesthetic medicine lean towards gentle, non-invasive treatments. Although a few years ago scalpel-free treatments where almost unthinkable, excellent results can now be achieved from facelifts and body lifts using non-surgical procedures. At the Clínica Estética Contur, we assiduously follow this new trend and offer the patient various non-invasive treatment methods using the latest technology. With the help of the gentle and low risk procedures, our specialists can achieve a rapid and good result. Further advantages in comparison to surgical procedures are usually lower costs and shorter downtimes. As a rule, normal, daily activity can be resumed immediately after the treatment.

In the facial area, the procedures used are as follows: mesotherapy, Botox, lip filler, regeneration of the skin using corporeal plasma (PRP), radiofrequency, chemical peeling and thread facelifts.

Body lifting, i.e. treating of the problem zones on the abdomen, legs, arms and buttocks, is performed by ultrasound (cavitation), pressotherapy, lymphatic drainage, hidrolipoclasy, and mesotherapy.

Other areas of treatment include permanent hair removal (depilation) on the body as well as intimate areas, and the treatment of varicose veins, venous diseases, age spots, scars and other pigment disorders. In these cases the latest laser technology is used. The team at Estética Contur actively rely on the Diodo Laser Atenea and the IPL Quantum Laser, two of the most innovative devices currently on the market.