Non-surgical facial rejuvenation

Most patients who opt for non-surgical facial rejuvenation begin at the age of 25. Consequently, the signs of aging in the facial area are still not very pronounced and can be corrected easily obtaining good results without surgery. Therefore, the inclination of current aesthetic medicine is increasingly oriented towards non-surgical treatments. The patient desires quick, effective results that have no side effects. In addition, unlike surgical treatments, there is usually less financial outlay as well as a shorter recovery time. At the end of the session a normal daily routine can be resumed.

At the Clinica Estetica Contur we offer the following non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments:



Mesotherapy offers good results without surgery. It is effective in the treatment of cellulite as well as rejuvenation of the face, neck and cleavage.

Mesotherapy is a treatment that consists of micro-injections with various compounds that help combat aging and visibly improve the appearance of your skin. Among the main active ingredients used are hyaluronic acid (due to its recognised biological properties), antioxidants, amino acids, trace elements, coenzymes, vitamins and minerals. The active ingredients selected vary according to the individual needs of each patient. Its results include smooth, luminous and hydrated skin. This treatment aims to stimulate production of collagen, which leads to a significant improvement of the skin.

Botulinum toxin

Popularly known as Botox, is the perfect treatment to smooth crow’s feet and wrinkles on the forehead and eyebrows. We use micro-injections to carry out this treatment. In only one week you will be able to see the perfectly natural results. The botulinum toxin is an alternative for patients who do not want to go through an operation, since it can be applied during a consultation and the patient can proceed with their daily activities immediately after.


Hyaluronic acid

As time passes, this substance decreases noticeably in our skin, causing unwanted wrinkles and folds. Hyaluronic acid is very effective for filling tissues in general, providing volume on lips and cheekbones and to soften wrinkles and expression lines in any part of the face, achieving a more moisturised and toned skin with long-term results. Today there are many types of hyaluronic acid, in Clinic Estetica Contur we will provide you with the one that best suits your individual needs.

Regeneration of the skin using platelet rich plasma (PRP)

Platelet rich plasma or PRP is one of the most advanced treatments in facial rejuvenation. It is a natural and physiological treatment, ideal for cases where the appearance of the skin needs improvement, increasing its firmness and luminosity and delaying the appearance of signs of aging. Platelet rich plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood using a simple process: The blood of the patient is extracted and then centrifuged to obtain platelet rich plasma. Both the extraction of the blood sample and the subsequent process is carried out  during the consultation and takes approximately half an hour. The plasma is then applied directly to the area of the skin to be treated, using micro-injections. It has a very intense rejuvenating and stimulating effect, with no risks or side effects for the patient.

PRP improves the quality, elasticity and firmness of the skin, smooths expression lines in the face, regenerates the lips, cleavage area, back of the hands and improves acne scars and marks.

Regenerierung der Haut durch körpereigenes Plasma (PRP)

Tripolar radio frequency

Using tripolar radio frequency we can tone, tighten and oxygenate the skin of the face and body from the first session. It is a simple, painless and non-invasive treatment. It does not require any surgical interventions, anaesthetics or injections. It can be combined with other aesthetic medical treatments, such as hyaluronic acid fillers, Botox, tensile threads, mesotherapy and platelet rich plasma for even better results.

Chemical exfoliation

The chemical peel is a safe exfoliation technique that eliminates skin imperfections, such as age-related skin blemishes, sun spots, irregular pigmentation, superficial acne scars, etc. It is a non-surgical technique, Fruit acid or chemical acid is applied in order to deeply cleanse the skin. The result is a renewed, luminous and more uniform skin. This peeling technique can be used on skin on any part of the body. It is however best to avoid doing this in the summer.

Chemisches Peeling

Thread facelift

This is a minimally invasive treatment, that produces a very natural lifting effect by inserting threads in the inner layers of the skin. It is a safe, painless and non-surgical treatment, that as a result shows tight and rejuvenated skin. At the Clinica Estetica Contur, we would recommend the use of threads to restore the firmness of the oval shape of the face, elevate brows, lift drooping eyelids and cheeks, add jawline  and neck definition. A great advantage of the thread technique is that the results are long lasting.